Falling Ribbons

If I sleep, I dream, every single night. I have always made an attempt to remember what I dreamt of, the next day morning. One night back in the summer of 1996, I dreamt of falling ribbons from the sky in the backdrop of a large window with a glowing red light coming from within. Back in the good old days before google, I would usually discuss this with my friends at some point and we would analyse it. But I dont know what was with this particular dream that I thought of capturing it in my painting. That afternoon I started to paint this on a board and finished it in one stretch at mid night. I named it ‘Falling Ribbons’ ‪#‎OilPainting‬ ‪#‎FallingRibbons‬‪#‎PaintingtheDream‬

I believe dreams are nothing but thoughts and visions gathered by your subconscious mind in the day time and interpreted with mixed emotions as your dreams. So for me it becomes interesting to learn what your mind has been gathering subconsciously as the conscious mind would gather only what you want it to. It all makes sense when I try and think why I dreamt of certain thing and why it was portrayed in a certain way. It could be lost emotions, desires, wishes, hopes, conscience anything, things which your conscious mind has no time in your busy day to day routine to sit back and think as it is constantly struggling to make things work for you as you want it. I just find the whole science of this very amusing! For me they don’t interfere my conscious state but they act like my own twin- if this all makes any sense!

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