Fancy a Cuppa?

I know someone who likes to have her Tea (Chai) cold, no it’s not like having Ice Tea, it’s the Indian style hot Chai which she lets go cold, sometimes by going to an extent of refrigerating it ( or may be not;  it must have been just us teasing her). But yes Tea or Chai is such a thing and people can be very picky about it. Some like it strong, some like it weak, some like it black, some with milk, some without sugar and for some really sweet. I personally like it really strong with a tiny bit of milk and no sugar, but then that’s the English PG Tips Tea I am talking about.

When it comes to Indian style Chai, I would like milk and sugar in it but would also want to add few spices, cardamom, tea grass, ginger and that magic powder that my Aunt used to add (still have to get the recipe for that from her). But I never like my Tea cold and never understood why someone would like to have it cold.

When I use to live in Delhi back in 2003 with Ritu, Ruchi and Golu, we religiously had our round of Tea after dinner and it was Ritu who always drank her Tea cold. Having Tea after dinner was almost like a ritual to us and we talked and discussed our day, films, songs and made plans over that Cup of Tea every single night. Gradually our Tea rounds started taking us to an obsession of buying and gifting each other fancy Tea Cups. Our house was full of Tea Cups and Mugs. And inspite of that I insisted drinking my Tea in my very favourite cup one of the first gifts by Ritu and Ruchi to me. They had got it for me from Haus Khas, a nearby market place which we fondly called Paris. Months of use, chipped off its edges and also a broken handle, but I dint mind it. The more it got chipped the better it looked. I guess sometimes it’s hard to part away with the old broken things just like that.

Seen here is my ‘Art from Past’ a quick water colouring  dated 2003, of my favourite old broken Tea Cup.

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