My Alma mater!

My Painting ‘Alma Mater’ done in Oils on Canvas is dedicated to my school where I did my entire schooling. Last year I visited my school after a very very long time and was so glad to see that it still existed. Lots has changed now, but amongst the few things that remained unchanged was- the old ‘BRASS BELL’ that rang between our class lessons.

It still hangs on the same old Bougainvillea tree outside the staff room. Its been there from the time I remember, at least for the last 30 years; and probably on the same twisted iron bar. It never looked new then! ( a bit like AK Hangal and Nirupa Roy) and today, it still doesn’t look old either ( say like Meryl Streep, Madhuri Dixit, Richard Gere or Bruce Willis) . It gave me a strange nostalgia and like my school days I was very tempted to ring it but instead decided to paint it when I was back here in London. I took a quick picture which I used as a reference for my painting ‘Alma Mater’

Seen here is my oil painting on canvas made using only palette knives and also seen is the picture of the school bell hanging on the tree.

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