Off Sick

We all hate them, they make us Sick! Virus, bacteria, and all sorts of micro organisms, how we wish that they never existed. Is there any way to prevent them, No- dont think so! How many times on an average in a lifetime do we fall ill and every time we do there is always some memory associated with it. Most of the times its a bad one and we would want to forget it.

However in my case there have been few exceptions. I made this sketch back in 2003 when I was down with a Viral Fever and throughout my illness, Ruchi was by my side looking after me and I have some very fond memories of those few days. I remember how Ruchi used to rush in her Lunch hours to my flat to make sure I had had my meals and was timely having my medicines. She used to get me books, movies to kill my boredness. She even made dinner for me. It was one of those moments of being together in thick and thin. This sketch always reminds me of those good old times.

Seen here is my ‘Art from Past’ a quick sketch I made in 2003 illustrating a scene of one of Ruchi’s visit to me during her lunch breaks.

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