Rockery in my Garden

My garden rockery has been featured in the February 2018 issue of the UK’s leading garden magazines ‘Modern Gardens’. Now this is very exciting as it was totally unexpected. Its always satisfying when your hard work gets appreciated in any form.


































My front garden has a triangular shape and I have been landscaping it for last 3 years since we moved in here. Being an odd shape, the remote end corner of the garden always ended up becoming a dump yard for weeds and stones I found while digging to plant. Early last year, me and my family had been to Cornwall on a holiday and there we visited ‘The Eden Project’. The idea of just having the entire flora of the whole world in one place itself was so fascinating to me. The highly complex structures of the geodesic domes with a ecosystem of its own is no less than any wonders of modern world.















In the early summer, with lots of inspiration from the Eden project, I finally decided to make a little rockery in the neglected corner of my garden. I got rid of the weeds, added rubble, compost, and transferred my potted hardy alpines and succulents on it. I had to cut a few trees in my backyard, a year before where I have my vegetable patch now, to get more sunlight to grow my veggies, and I used those logs and some dried branches as driftwood features to add to the look. Campanula plant flowers almost 7-8 months in a year so I added them to my rockery. Pulled out my evergreen thyme from the kitchen garden and planted it as a main feature. Chunks of slate slabs and sandstones feature as the rocks! A decorative feature I decided to put was a old pot lying on the top with small coloured gravel running out as a metaphor for overflowing vase. By summer I knew the plants were happy in that corner. Now it has become a very important feature of my garden and my friends drop in to see it. It’s been a very satisfying experience for me. I have also added a autumn red acer plant this year hoping it will add good colour in autumn. I look at it from my bedroom window with contentment as I sip my tea.

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