Seasons Greeting Cards!

Just in another four days 2015 comes to an end as we head towards yet another new year. It has been a great year full of activities, lots of work and lots of fun too. The festive season has been exceptionally busy with quiet a few commissions ( mainly Roosters) and orders for paintings. Burning the candle at both the ends, I am glad I have just been able to deliver, though some of them I had to push for the new years. Other than the paintings, themselves, there have been some interesting projects and the most exciting being the commission to print my Roosters on the seasons greeting cards. These cards come with the print of my Roosters on the front with my signature below and my logo on the rear side of the card.

All the images, pictures of the paintings are copyright properties but if you feel like having any of such cards, you can always order a set for yourself. Please [email protected] for more info. Wishing you all a very very Happy new year and hoping that this new year only gets busier with lots of good work.

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