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Few weeks ago, the VOD team approached me to design a logo for their organization. After the initial brief and understanding what the group stands for, I thought it would be nice to be a part of such a cause and initiative.

It was an interesting research to study and understand the roots of the Dogra community. Few insights from Manu Khajuria, one of the founding members of VOD, was quiet helpful.

I tried to keep the design minimalistic for its use on wider platforms but at the same time, incorporate as many features to bring out the essence and reflect what the organisation is about.

Mahima Raina, another founder member of VOD sent me few sketches drawn by her to give a head start.

Article by team VOD:

(Co-written and edited by: Manu Khajuria and Mahima Raina, VOD founding members).

The Voice of Dogras (VOD) is a Non-Profit Organisation. It is an attempt to bring back the lost narrative of the Dogra community of Jammu region in India.

The Dogras of Jammu are a distinct ethno-linguistic minority group in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-ethnic State. Their characteristic peace loving nature has been instrumental in bringing integration and peaceful co-existence in the State that is otherwise smeared in turmoil. Dogras also have an unparalleled history albeit now obscure and therefore little recognized both nationally and locally. ‘The Voice of Dogras’ thus stands to revive and espouse the rights of this community and bring visibility to their unique identity.

Our team wanted a simplistic logo to represent this organization and reflect the objective of this group. We approached London based artist Tushar Sabale to design the logo who readily agreed to be a part of our journey. This aptly designed logo for the VOD is an invaluable contribution by Tushar Sabale. The beautifully crafted logo captures the essence of our community highlighting its various aspects.

The Sun represents our Dogra dynasty who are ‘Suryavanshis’, descendants of the Solar (Surya) Dynasty, belonging to the Ikshvaku Kul of Lord Ram and Raghuvansh.  The ‘bow’ or ‘Dhanush’ is strategically designed to draw multiple interpretations. It could be considered as a bow – a relic of Lord Ram emphasizing the shared roots ; the moustache epitomizes the legacy of ‘Valour’ of our Dogra men who are ably supported by their brave and beautiful women. It is also representative of our sloping mountains, characteristic of the terrain of the Jammu province. The ‘Arrow’ symbolizes action, which will herald a new beginning.  The name ‘Voice of Dogras’ has been given a traditional Devanagari script appearance to align our language of communication and the language of the people we hope to represent. Dogri language today is written in the Devanagari Script.

Team VOD is very grateful to Tushar Sabale and recognizes the efforts made by him in conceptualizing and designing this exquisite logo.

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