Dear art lovers and art collectors,

We are a small business run by a handful people from our home studio. We are friendly bunch and love what we do with passion and strive hard to keep up the good quality of work. The work seen here are all produced by artist Tushar Sabale. He overlooks at every single detail from producing the works, to framing, to packaging and posting. He also has a small team that looks after his clients and online stuff but most of the times you are directly conversing with the artist.

So if you have any queries, please do get in touch using the contact form in the above tabs or email [email protected]

We have made a list of frequently asked question below and answered them to the best of our ability. But if you have any other queries, please donot hesitate to ask. We believe no query is silly and would try our best to answer them. Hope this helps. Please do read the disclaimer section as well.


Are you a real artist?

Yes Tushar Sabale is a real artist. Please read more about him in the ABOUT section.


What medium do you paint?

Oil on canvas/board/panel


Do you take commissions?

Yes . Please read below.


What commission subjects do you paint?

Commissions can be portraits ( e.g self, family, children, friend, relative, pets)

Commissions can be of a place (e.g your garden, house or a holiday scene)

Commissions can be of an occasion ( e.g. Weddings, birth, housewarming, ceremony, birthdays, festivals etc.)

If you wish to commission any other subject, please get in touch to discuss.


Do you paint from photos?

Not usually . But please get in touch to discuss.


Do you paint from live sitting?

Yes. I usually do it in 2-3 sittings, with each sitting lasting for about 4 hours with a break. I am quite flexible in this regard and will try and make it as comfortable as possible for you. The sitting can be at any place preferred by you, in and around London. I would partly work on the painting in my studio as well.

If you are outside London, please feel free to discuss this with me.


How do I order my commission?

Please get in touch with me to order your commission. See my contact page for all the details.


What are your Portrait Commission prices?

My Portrait commission prices depend mainly on the complexity of the subject and the size of the painting. For portraits, number of faces is also a deciding factor. The prices could range from £250 to £3000 for a painting.

Below is a size guide for a single portrait

10”x 12” (30cm x 25cm)

16” x 12” (40cm x 30cm)

Please get in touch for a quote.


What is ‘Live wedding painting’ commission ?

A ‘Live Wedding Painting’ is a commission to paint live at the venue as the wedding happens.

For pricing and sizes, keep reading.


What is ‘Live wedding painting’ medium and size ?

The painting is painted in acrylics on a canvas size 20″ x  24″.


What is your pricing for Live wedding paintings  ?

I am based in London, so for venues outside London, the pricing may vary. Please get in touch to discuss this.

I am currently taking bookings for 2023. But please get in touch to check if I have any slots available for this year.


What should I expect from my ‘Live wedding painting’ ?

Your Live Wedding Painting will have the full length illustrative painting of the wedding couple with the backdrop of the venue with decorations. My works falls between impressionist and representational style of painting. Please expect some artistic liberties taken by me as an artist to make the painting much more appealing and presentable to bring out  the best of the wedding day memories.

See an example of a traditional ‘Live Wedding Painting’ on a 20″ x 24″ canvas.


Can I have more than just the couple in my ‘Live Wedding painting’ ?

Yes sure. Please discuss this beforehand with me.

Usually due to the time constraint of the venue, the painting is just focused on the wedding couple and the backdrop 0f the venue, but if you would like to add your close friends or family members, let me know in advance.

The pricing and timings may vary depending on your requirement.

Here’s an example:

Does the ‘Live wedding painting’ come framed ?

No. But it is on stretched canvas, so it is ready to hang on the wall. You can choose to frame it as per your house décor.


Do I get my ‘Live wedding painting’ the same day ?

Yes, in almost all cases.

I would need at least 5-6 hours in the venue to finish the painting. In case if that is not possible, I will try and finish it at the convenient place, venue reception or a green room if that’s possible.


Can I have my painting unveiled on the day ?

Yes, most certainly. That’s usually the most exciting part of the day.


What is your payment structure for Live Wedding Paintings and other commission works ?

To confirm your order a 50% non-refundable deposit is to be made.

The balance 50% is to be paid on the wedding day.


Do you offer payment plans?

I offer interest-free payment plans. To discuss your options please get in touch ( Not Applicable to Live Wedding paintings)


What are different ways I can pay?

Paypal or Banks transfer. Please discuss your options at the time of your order.


How long does it take to finish the commission painting?

Once the painting process starts, it takes me between 4-5 weeks to show you the first look of the painting. The entire painting process can vary between 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the subject.


Do you have ready to buy paintings?

Yes of course. I do lot of Plein Air Paintings and Studio paintings as well. All those paintings are ready to view on my website here in the ‘Available Paintings’ Section Above.

I am also represented by few galleries where I sell my work. Please see the individual description of the paintings to see how you can buy them.

I am currently represented by Russell Gallery in London and Wychwood Gallery in Oxfordshire.


Does the painting come framed?

Yes and No.

Please drop me an email or get in touch to add the frame to the painting.

For international orders (outside UK) paintings are mostly delivered without frames unless mentioned otherwise. This is due to high delivery costs for larger packages outside UK. If you would like to buy the paintings framed, please get in touch to discuss the costs and options.





All the paintings sold online through www.tusharsabale.com are the original artwork painted and created by artist Tushar Sabale.

Any prints sold in the shop section are prints of the original works signed and numbered by the artist himself.

Where possible the oil paintings are varnished in Michael Harding’s Dammar varnish. Varnish protects the painting and adds a subtle gloss to the painting while bringing out the vibrancy in the colours. It is upto the artist’s discretion to choose to varnish the paintings as oil paintings need at least 6 months drying before the varnish can be applied and sometimes even more. Paintings sold without Varnish are equally good and Varnishing is not mandatory to oil paintings.

The frames are made to high standard and hand painted by the artist himself in most cases.

All the hooks, D-rings and metal strings on the frames are secured to take the weight of the painting. However it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check them before putting them safely on the wall. The artist holds no responsibility for the wear and tear of the hangings and like any other commodities its the responsibility of the purchaser to keep checking and maintaining the frames and secure the fastenings.

It is also the responsibility of the purchaser to hang the paintings in secured places, out of reach of children and to avoid any accident during and after hanging. The artist holds no responsibility if the painting or frame is damaged during hanging or after its hanged on the wall. Please do check and make sure everything is to your satisfaction when you receive the delivery of your painting.

Cleaning Oil paintings for dust and stains is fairly easy. Since oils are insoluble in water, oil paintings can be wiped using lightly moist cloth. For lighter dust, you can gently wipe it or simply blow it away. However take care to not press too hard on the canvas as it may tear or warp in extreme cases.

We are here to help you and give you the best service possible. We are very friendly and would always love that our work brings a smile to you. Feel free to reach out for any more queries.

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