HH Princess Olga Romanoff

Oil on Canvas, 50 x 60cm, 2018


About the Painting:

Princess Olga Andreevna Romanoff, the Russian princess and the descendant of House of Romanov, is the current President of the Romanov Family Association. Her father, the late Prince Andrew Alexandrovich was the nephew of Tsar Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia. Born in England, she resides at Provender House, her stately home near Faversham, Kent. Built in 1342, on a 33 acres estate, the house is a listed National Heritage building. The princess has been quoted saying, “I love the countryside and like the smell of horses and having hay in my hair” The sitting for the portrait took place in the long drawing room of Provender House in the early spring of 2018. Out of the 33 rooms, the artist chose the cosy warm corner near the fire place with the traditional interiors made of wooden panels and beams as the backdrop for the portrait, while the princess preferred the puffed jacket, jeans and leather boots, in contrast, for the sitting, making it a perfect and true portrayal of a modern day princess. The commissioned portrait is a part of her private collection and displayed at Provender House along with the other Romanov memorabilia.

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