Duck Family in a Pond


Oil on board, 10” x 12”, 2020

The dimensions are without the frame. If you need any assistance finding the right frame for this painting, I am happy to help. I can add the price of the framing to the painting charging you the same amount as what my local framers would charge me. Alternatively you can always frame it from your local framers.

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*International orders would be shipped without frames*

About the Painting:

‘Thompson Pond’ in Isabella Plantation in Deer park, Richmon has a lovely duck family who clearly know they own the place. In this clam and peaceful pond surrounded by silver birch and weeping willows, the mother duck seemed quite relaxed leaving her three ducklings to wander around the pond  whilst still keeping an eye on them from every corner of the pond. With very few visitors around, I enjoyed painting plein air. Occasionally few children came to the pond with their families, jumped on the stepping stones, playfully and disappeared.


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